Check out the FAQs below to get started with Arameos.com

How do i get my translation?

It's easy. Just e-mail us at hello@arameos.com including the word or phrase you'd like to translate and we'll answer you with the price and payment link. Once we confirm having received the payment, we'll send you the translation and voila! The translation is yours.

How do I pay for the translation?

If you're in Argentina, aside from PayPal, you can also pay in your closest Rapipago, Pagofacil, or bank (Banco Nacion, Banco Credicoop, Banco Santander Rio o Banco Provincia),

And if you're a company or business (from anywhere in the world), aside from PayPal, you can also pay through a global bank transfer.

How much is each translation?

The cost depends on the text's complexity. A simple word and an artistic poem are not the same. So just send us your idea and we'll quote it.

Is the cost lower if the text is longer than usual?

We will consider the text length when quoting.

What does the final product include?

The text in original Aramaic along with the English meaning below, plus a complementary mp3 audio for you to hear its Aramaic pronounciation.